Why Women’s Eggs Don’t Last
Why Women’s Eggs Don’t Last
Kate Yandell | Feb 13, 2013
As reproductive tissues age, DNA repair mechanisms become less efficient, causing genomic damage to accumulate.
Mouse Eggs Made with Stem Cells
Mouse Eggs Made with Stem Cells
Dan Cossins | Oct 4, 2012
Researchers claim to have successfully transformed stem cells into viable mouse oocytes that produced healthy, fertile pups.
Ovarian Stem Cell Debate
Ed Yong | Jul 9, 2012
Opinion is divided on a new paper showing that adult ovaries do not contain egg-making stem cells, contrary to the findings of two recent studies that themselves appeared to overturn longstanding dogma.
Growing Human Eggs
Hannah Waters | Jun 1, 2012
Germline stem cells discovered in human ovaries can be cultured into fresh eggs.
News from Cell
Cristina Luiggi | Dec 9, 2011
Some of the highlights from this year’s American Society for Cell Biology meeting, held earlier this week