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Characterizing Kinases for Therapeutics Targeting Innate Immunity
BellBrook Labs | May 17, 2022
Universal kinase assays can quickly and effectively screen and triage novel hits.
Improving Tumor-Infiltration Lymphocyte (TIL) Extraction
Curiox | May 17, 2022
Discover a better method for consistent TIL isolation and characterization from tumor samples.
Identify cell-type specific Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
Untangling Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology
10x Genomics | May 12, 2022
Spatial and single cell analyses offer clues to Alzheimer’s disease progression.
Explore technologies that improve cancer therapies
Cutting-Edge Technologies for Better Cancer Treatments
10x Genomics | May 10, 2022
Improving cell and gene therapies with single cell sequencing and immune profiling
Learn About Single Cell Applications in Pharma Studies
Harnessing Single Cell Analysis for Pharmaceutical Research
10x Genomics | May 5, 2022
Explore a collection of studies in drug discovery and development.
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RedShift BioAnalytics Announces Launch of Next Generation Apollo for Ultra-Sensitive Biophysical Characterization of Biomolecules
RedShift Bio | May 4, 2022
Apollo, powered by RedShift BioAnalytics’ proprietary MMS technology, incorporates major advances over first-generation AQS3pro to support rapidly growing market demand.
Accelerate Clinical Trials with Genetic Analyses
Leveraging Genetic Drivers for Therapeutic Success
Thermo Fisher Scientific | May 2, 2022
Scientists incorporate genetic analyses to streamline and accelerate clinical trials
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Picking the Right CRISPR System
ERS Genomics | Apr 27, 2022
Examining the major differences between Cas9 and Cas12
Advancing Protein Analysis with Capillary-Based Western Blotting
Advancing Western Blotting Workflows
Bio-Techne | Apr 22, 2022
Discover how capillary-based western blot technology can take protein analysis into the 21st century.
Find the right storage conditions for blood samples destined for single cell sequencing experiments
How Do Storage Conditions Alter Single Cell Gene Expression Data Quality?
10x Genomics | Apr 19, 2022
Scientists profiled whole blood samples to find the ideal storage environment for downstream single cell analyses.
Deeper Insights into Material Properties with the In situ Lab for ZEISS Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes
Zeiss | Apr 14, 2022
ZEISS introduces an integrated solution for multi-modal in situ experiments |  Automated in situ workflows for highly reproducible, precise, and reliable operator-independent data collection | High-throughput data acquisition with high-resolution creating statistically representative results | High-quality data for reliable post-processing, such as strain mapping using digital imaging correlation (DIC), powered by GOM |  Easy data management
Bio-Rad Introduces Anti-Cemiplimab Antibodies
Bio-Rad Laboratories | Apr 14, 2022
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), a global leader of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, today introduced a range of antibodies that are specific to cemiplimab (Libtayo) and inhibit the binding of the drug to its target, human programmed death receptor-1 (PD-1).
Learn About the Latest Developments in Diagnostic Assays
Mining for Gold: Recent Advances in Lateral Flow Assay Technology
nanoComposix | Apr 13, 2022
Integrating gold nanoparticles and nanoshells into lateral flow assays
Explore Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Development
Cell and Gene Therapy from the Bench to the Clinic
Bio-Rad Laboratories | Apr 13, 2022
Researchers use ddPCR to monitor quality at each stage of therapy development.
Levitas Bio
LevitasBio Announces the LeviCell EOS System: A New Era in Sample Processing and Characterization
LevitasBio | Apr 12, 2022
LevitasBio, Inc. today unveiled the LeviCell™  EOS System, their next generation solution for cell separation and enrichment, featuring higher throughput and simultaneous targeted selection of viable cells.
Olympus Corporation
Olympus Corporation | Apr 7, 2022
Olympus Corporation (“Olympus”) announced the completion of the separation of its Scientific Solutions business to a wholly-owned subsidiary,  Evident Corporation (“Evident”).
Select effective AAVs for gene therapy
A Model for Better Gene Therapy
PhoenixBio | Apr 5, 2022
Explore how humanized liver chimeric mouse models smooth the transition between the laboratory and clinical trials.