cell-based assays
Discover the In-Cell Western Assay
Detecting Proteins in Their Native Environments
LI-COR | Sep 14, 2021
A quantitative immunofluorescence assay combines the best aspects of traditional Western blots and ELISAs.
Discover the benefits of miniaturized cell-based assays
Miniaturizing Cell-Based Workflows
Tecan | Aug 26, 2021
Big discoveries come from miniaturized assays
Transforming Multichannel Pipettes
The Scientist Creative Services Team in collaboration with Eppendorf | Jun 15, 2021
Multichannel pipettes with adjustable tip spacing increase the efficiency and reproducibility of high-throughput experiments.
Top 10 Innovations 2016
The Scientist Staff | Dec 1, 2016
This year’s list of winners celebrates both large leaps and small (but important) steps in life science technology.
Hit Parade
Amber Dance | Dec 1, 2012
Cell-based assays are popular for high-throughput screens, where they strike a balance between ease of use and similarity to the human body that researchers aim to treat.